Success through GRIT, GROWTH, and GIVING

Inherent in our vision, mission, and people are the 3 G’s: Grit, Growth, and Giving. We value hard work and self-determination– a mindset and a commitment that we can, by our own hands, strive to make life better for ourselves, our loved ones, and society. More than that, we value a spirit of community and service- a belief that large as societal problems may be, together we can create a formidable impact and make a real difference.

Why work with Lhoopa

Good Compensation

Fair compensation.
Timely release of payments


Continuous awarding of inventory and projects. Fast growing network of experts and peers


Dedicated to helping others improve lives. Committed to making positive changes in the industry

Hear from our Lhoopa Partners.

Our team and our partners continuously strive for progress and positive change. We bridge people and technology to elevate our growth and impact lives, one home at a time. Through collective action and goals, we create change.

Using mobile apps, we empower local, on-the-ground partners.

By digitally tracking every step of the transaction, we enable thousands of families to achieve their dreams.

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Real-time property listing updates

Fast & Efficient

Seamless and efficient transactions

Data Management

Data tracking and management system

Timely & Fair

Fast and competitive commission reward



Of our buyers are women


Of our partner agents/brokers are women


Of our team are women


Of Management are women

Access & Growth


Of our buyers are first-time home buyers


Of whom did not have access to a similar service before


Of our partner contractors are small businesses


Increase in income of our partners for the past three years


Connect with our team

Connect with our team. Let's discuss how we can accomplish great things together.