Fueled by innovation, motivated by change

Lhoopa is a technology-driven investment venture that is disrupting the real estate landscape in Southeast Asia, and beyond.

Globally, we have a problem with affordable housing. In particular, the housing backlog numbers in emerging countries are in the millions, and these numbers are steadily increasing.

People in the social and economic income levels are the most affected, and the supply is not meeting the demand.

Emerging Countries Housing Backlog


Country Housing Backlog 
Indonesia 11.4 million
India 29 million
Bangladesh 8.5 million 
Pakistan 10.3 million
Philippines 6.5 million 
Malaysia 12 million
Vietnam 10 million


Country Housing Backlog 
Egypt 3.5 million 
South Africa 2.3 million
Nigeria 20 million 
Uganda 2.4 million
Tanzania 3 million
Democratic Republic of Congo 3.9 million
Kenya 2 million

South America

Country Housing Backlog 
Brazil 5.8 million
Argentina 3.5 million
Colombia 3.8 million 

By taking a new perspective to an old problem, Lhoopa has developed a solution that merges innovative technology with on-the-ground talent.

By coupling proprietary technology and the empowerment of local professionals, we have created a system that is making affordable housing streamlined, decentralized and profitable.

Our difference is a tech-enabled asset approach

Our difference is a tech-enabled asset approach. We apply quant trading practices to real estate - the largest asset class in the world.

We provide innovative solutions

We provide innovative solutions for two of society’s most pressing problems: a lack of affordable housing and increasing poverty rates.

Our customized technology empowers

Our customized technology empowers stakeholders to come together and provide real-time solutions for housing and job opportunities, for hard working individuals who would otherwise not have such access.

We measure our success not only in terms of revenue

We believe that pairing people with technology is the only way to disrupt the old guard of real estate and usher in a new era of real change. Change that is already creating thousands of jobs and transforming the lives of people and neighborhoods, one home at a time.

Our company history

2018 - Lhoopa partnered with its first investor.

As the company is strengthening its identity and name, it acquired its first investor in 2018. Moreover, it is not just one investor but a total of four investors at the end of the year.

Pre-Seed round
Cavite area

2019 - Recognized by PAG-IBIG as developer

The company started as a brokerage firm. With continuous improvement through technological advances and desire to create change, the company upped its services hence, becoming a recognized developer by PAG-IBIG.

Reached profitability
Expand to Calabarzon area
Pagibig partnership

2020 - Hit the Php 100M mark for the total revenue

Upon merging with Forward, Lhoopa was able to hit a total of Php 100M worth of revenue.

Seed round
Expansion to Batangas and Laguna
Pagibig Top 100

2021 - Establishment of Lhoopa Singapore

Lhoopa launched its first international office in Singapore, known as being the global financial center. This is to cater more investors for our growing company

First ground-up properties
Expansion to Pampanga and Bulacan
Pagibig Top 50

2022 - Groundbreaking of the company’s first pocket development subdivision, Townhill.

Nestled at the heart of two historic and culturally rich municipalities of Tanay and Baras in Rizal, Townhill is Lhoopa’s first pocket development subdivision. This is Rizal’s first green-inspired townhouse community as it incorporates wide windows and rainwater collector and filtration system. These do not only benefit the environment but also the homeowners in terms of finances.

Series A round
Expansion to Cebu and Davao
Pagibig Top 20

Changing real estate. Together.

Our vision is grand, our ambition high. And some told us we could not do it. They were wrong.

In the past 6 years, Lhoopa has grown from an online portal to one of the fastest-growing high impact companies in the region.


To others, finding creative and innovative solutions to the affordable housing problem may seem impossible. But to us, and our growing team of like-minded individuals, impossible is nothing.

We believe each of us has something significant to contribute, and collectively, we can and we will do it together.

"When we dare to push the edges of comfort, the narratives we tell ourselves can shape-shift and transform the world."

- Jacqueline Novogratz

In providing affordable homes, our desire to make a difference in people's lives is realized. These are the life stories that drive us to keep on doing more.


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